Whale Watching Port Stephens

Each year from May to November whales make their annual migration north past the NSW coast and we get a great show here in Port Stephens!

Image courtesy of Port Stephens Images, Stephen Keating

Whale Watching Spots | Port Stephens

Take a picnic and enjoy the beautiful sights of Port Stephens while you wait for the the whales. Do you know about the amazing benefits of Spending Time in Nature?

Noamunga Headland | Boat Harbour

Drive into the quiet seaside suburb of Boat Harbour and head to Noamunga St. Stop at the carpark and follow the whale watching path to information plaques and seats on the rocky headland.  

Tomaree Headland | Shoal Bay

Climbing Tomaree Headland is an must do activity whilst visiting Port Stephens. From the top you get an expansive view over the port and a birds eye view of passing whales. 

Barry Park | Fingal Bay

This park is a beautiful nature reserve in Fingal Bay. Take a picnic and enjoy the scenery and visit the purpose built whale watching platform. This is also a great spot to view Fingal Lighthouse.   

Which Whale? | Identifying Features

Humpback Whales

  • Small dorsal fin two-thirds of the way down their back
  • Steeply arching back when diving
  • Large pectoral fins
  • Unique of black & white markings under the tail flukes.

Southern Right Whales

  • Broad back without a dorsal fin
  • Wide pectoral fins
  • Long arching mouth that begins above the eye
  • Small rough patches of skin (or callosities) on its large head.
  • Very dark or black skin
  • V shaped ‘blow’ due to two separate blow holes
  • Occasional white patches on it belly.

Blue Whales

  • Greyish blue skin with white spots
  • Small dorsal fin set far back on their body.